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Cost of textile constructions - shares

planning costs (3-10%)
material costs (5 bis 50€/m² Spezialgewebe 150€/m²
processing costs (depends on the efford for the details - between 20-150 €/m² )
assembly costs (person x hours + additional tools) depends to the size
cost of the foundation and support structure in connection with the structural solution

maintenance costs (person x hours plus additional working tools)
cleaning costs for translucent materials (person x hours plus additional working tools)

For complete membrane constructions, including manufacture, delivery and assembly, a charge of 250-1200 euros/m² to be expected.

For large mobile umbrella constructions (12m and more) in one-off production, including manufacture, delivery and assembly, 1500-2000 euros/m² is charged from the top edge of the foundation. to be expected.

The costs of textile constructions are made up of various components.

If, for example, the tensile loads are anchored in the subsoil for constructions, these anchors are often solid concrete foundation constructions.

What is gained in lightness above ground requires corresponding effort in the building ground.

Therefore, the construction costs determined from the upper edge of the foundation are not initially helpful for determining the costs of the entire construction project.

Depending on the design task, there may be solutions that short-circuit the forces in the roof structure.